Elderly Transportation

Elderly clients can expect a comfortable ride, without being rushed.

Elderly Patient in WheelchairA large number of our clients are elderly. We understand that you may not move your best, or maybe your eyesight and hearing aren’t the best. We recognize that it may take a little longer for you to get around, which is why we’re here. We make sure all of our elderly clients are comfortable, without being rushed. We never want you to feel stressed getting to your destination. All of our drivers are patient and will make sure you are completely happy with the care you receive from us.

As a part of keeping you comfortable and happy, we will do everything we can do make the ride more comfortable. We’ll even let you choose the music you listen to on the way to your destination.

Living in a larger city and not being able to drive can usually mean taking public transportation. However, public transportation can be limited, unsanitary, and inconvenient. They may not go right where you need to, you can’t guarantee when the bus was last cleaned, and you’re restricted by a set schedule. Most importantly, public transportation may not be able to help you with all of your specific needs that come along with aging.

Johnson County Medical Transport can. We will pick you up from your house or room and take you right into your doctor’s office or the hospital. We’ll make sure you’re properly checked in. We’ll take you back to your home and make sure you’re settled. The best part? We’ll do all of this with YOUR schedule, not ours. You set the times and we’ll make sure you’re there.

We also guarantee a safe, clean ride. We’re trained to handle your mobility equipment such as wheelchairs, power chairs, walkers, or even stretchers. We guarantee that our vehicles will always be clean and reliable.

We are committed to making sure you have the best, most affordable ride with us.

Scheduling a ride is easy. Just call (913) 498-9083 or fill out our online request form and we’ll take care of the rest.

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